I can admit I have a negative trait: I get easily annoyed if someone makes me wait too long or if someone doesn’t return a phone call as promised. Seem like small things, right? I know. It sounds dumb just writing it, but I get almost angry every time it happens.

True story: my boyfriend is currently in North Carolina for a business conference for the weekend. He didn’t call me when he arrived and I suspect he only emailed me back after a few hours because I wrote him an email asking him if he had arrived. It annoyed me because if the situation was reversed, I would have called him immediately. It annoyed me to the point that I was thinking: “Next time he calls, I’m not answering.”

In this situation, I’m expecting someone else to make me happy, However, it’s actually causing my unhappiness and stress. I asked myself: “Why am I stressing over this?” The only thing I can truly control is making myself happy and making others happy. Is it worth it to be angry about something like a phone call, an email, a text message? Anger ruins your health.

It’s not easy for me to let go — over the years, I’ve developed my nasty little habit. But I knew meditation was one skill I could develop to help clear my mind and remain calmer in situations like these. And like all skills, it is learned only through practice. So I started to look around the web to see what was available to me and what I could start immediately. It’s as easy as sitting comfortably with a straight posture, focusing first on your breathing, and then clearing your mind.

One way worked for me (see “Soothing Session” link below): close your eyes, focus on your breathing. Inhale. Stop. Exhale. Inhale. Stop. Exhale. Then, imagine a darkness taking over your left leg making it heavy and stiff. This same darkness moves on to your right leg. It also becomes heavy and stiff. It creeps up your torso, making it tense. Your arms are heavy and stuck to your body. The dark energy then moves to your chin. And then your jaw clenches and your eye are shut tight. And then there’s a while light behind you. It’s taking over the darkness and making it melt. Your eyelids relax. Your jaw unclenches as if you were about to drool. Your arms are limp next to your body. The bright light keeps moving down your body, releasing every muscle as it moves down. Focus back on your breathing. Inhale. Stop. Exhale.

I did a few meditation exercises I found online. They helped make me feel calmer almost instantly. I can just imagine the benefits if I could do it every day. Sorry baby for getting annoyed at you and then posting it on my blog. I just think a blog isn’t a blog if you don’t have any personal stories to share.

Useful websites on meditation:

- Wildmind Buddhist meditation
- Meditation for Beginners: “Improving Our Relationship with Others”
- Learning Meditation: listen to “Soothing Session”

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